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Here's Why We Produce Accurate & Predictable Color

Maybe you've seen the silver G7 seal on every offset proof we've ever sent you, as well as on our web site, and wondered what it's all about. Well, we decided that it's high time we told you. 


When you see that G7 seal, it means... 

  • That Print-Tech can produce accurate and predictable color on our presses.

  • That we have undergone a rigorous, top-to-bottom qualification procedure by industry association IDEAlliance.

  • That we have been validated as a proven quality leader by an independent 3rd source - RIT, the premier educational institution for printing and the graphic arts.

  • That we are among an elite group of printers (currently only 16 in Michigan and just over 1000 in the U.S.) recognized as adhering to the #1 global standards for matching proof-to-print. (In fact, we've been qualified since 2009, and we go through an exacting re-qualification process every year.)

G7 is one of those technical achievements that mostly print geeks talk about. While we don't make a big deal about it it's a huge benefit to our customers for the following reasons.


  1. You get consistent color reproduction.

    With G7, you're ensured a similar appearance of your color print jobs across multiple Print-Tech devices - that can't be achieved any other way. G7 achieves visual similarity based on technology. There's science behind it, so it's no longer subjective.

  2. Your color jobs are printed faster.

    With G7, make-ready is reduced. There's a lot less set-up time for our presses. We get to color much quicker because we print to G7 standards, which are built into our machines.

  3. You spend a lot less time on press checks.

    We're tempted to say, "Keep the engine running!" when you come for a press OK, because you'll approve a sheet in a fraction of the time. In fact, there are a lot fewer press checks, because guess what? You can trust the proofs we send you to be accurate.

  4. You can feel confident that when you design a job, what you'll get from us is the true color representation.

    There's no guesswork, and zero concern about whether we'll print what you've designed. That's peace of mind every designer craves.

We're proud of our G7 Master Qualification and hope that now, it's clear why. As one of a tiny group of commercial printers who adhere to this global set of color standards, we help you achieve the most consistent color printing available in the industry.


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