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Want to add a little "social marketing magic" to your next direct mail campaign? It's easy!

If your direct mail message is tucked away inside an envelope, your first goal should be getting that envelope opened.

Isn't it frustrating when you send out a direct mail campaign but have no idea when it hits mailboxes? If so, you'll love Print-Tech's mail-tracking feature. And for a limited time, we're offering it to our customers FREE OF CHARGE.

The phrase "going green" has become ingrained in our communal psyche. Some say its roots date back to Thoreau in the mid-nineteenth century, or perhaps to Rachel Carson's 1962 breakthrough book,
Silent Spring.

Occasionally we feature an employee in our newsletter because part of what sets us apart is our people. Some employees interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our whole team and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

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