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The phrase "going green" has become ingrained in our communal psyche. Some say its roots date back to Thoreau in the mid-nineteenth century, or perhaps to Rachel Carson's 1962 breakthrough book,
Silent Spring.

Occasionally we feature an employee in our newsletter because part of what sets us apart is our people. Some employees interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our whole team and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Getting files ready to send to your printer is an important step. Regardless of the software programs used to create your artwork, there are some universal tips that can help ensure your files are prepared correctly for a commercial printer. In this issue, we cover 3 of the most common mistakes with digital file preparation and how to avoid them.

Our last newsletter covered key color basics - the three distinct color spaces of PMS colors, CMYK, and RGB. With that knowledge under your belt, you can now take advantage of some of our favorite color tips on how to avoid printing mistakes and get the color you expect.

You can't talk about printing without talking about color.

Yet color terminology is confusing, because customers use computer monitors to create and view job files, while printers use offset and digital presses to produce those jobs. Computers and presses use different colorspaces. They literally speak a different language.

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