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When your direct mail campaign goes out, do you know how many people on your mailing list actually visit your website as a result? You don't. Until now.

Are you one of the 14 million consumers using Informed Delivery?
This mail preview service lets you digitally preview incoming daily mail and packages.

Whether you're a designer doing the layout for print jobs, or you outsource the design function, being aware of the following layout tips can prevent problems in your print materials.

Reviewing a proof from your printer is a critical step in the production process.

While some customers spend too much time checking a proof, others don't give it enough attention. Here's some practical advice so you know exactly what to do when that proof arrives.

Need to market your products and services to a specific geographic location? You're in luck! There's an effective and affordable USPS tool custom-made for this purpose. It's called Every Door Direct Mail® - or simply EDDM®

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