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Reviewing a proof from your printer is a critical step in the production process.

While some customers spend too much time checking a proof, others don't give it enough attention. Here's some practical advice so you know exactly what to do when that proof arrives.

Need to market your products and services to a specific geographic location? You're in luck! There's an effective and affordable USPS tool custom-made for this purpose. It's called Every Door Direct Mail® - or simply EDDM®

No doubt your organization has a web site... but what about a web portal?

Paper choice always matters in a print job.
For one thing, it can represent a significant portion of the cost of an average print job. For another, paper has to suit your purpose. Is the paper weight appropriate? Will ink show through to the other side? Will it be OK going through the mail? Paper also affects the design, so you need to choose carefully.

The ability we now have to buy products and services from anywhere in the world is kind of awesome, isn't it? Yet it's still smart to buy local for valid reasons.

Regardless of what you're buying - printing included - here are 7 good reasons to keep your business in your home state.

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