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  • BJ Kramer
    BJ Kramer


    Another lifer in the trade, BJ is an Ann Arbor native who graduated from Ferris in 1986. He has worked in every aspect of the industry and is committed to making sure Print-Tech clients receive the highest level of service available. Although it’s been several years since the last one, an all-nighter is not out of the question if it means honoring a commitment to a customer. BJ finds stress relief through running and mowing checkerboard patterns in his lawn.

  • Margaret Loy
    Margaret Loy

    Vice President

    Margaret can read a paper swatch book and a balance sheet. She's 1 part VP, 1 part Sales Champ, 2 parts Superhero, and 3 parts Fur baby Momma. Too many parts? Nah, just enough to keep the ink rolling. Though her commitment to assisting her clients is rooted in old-school values. She’s not afraid to battle blizzards, monsoon rains, or ridiculous flights of stairs in the spirit of customer satisfaction. When not formulating her next client solution you can find her training for her next run or taking her dog on a walk.

  • Hillary Bennett
    Hillary Bennett

    Account Executive

    Hillary has a bachelor’s degree in advertising and has been working in the printing industry for more than 25 years. She’s the mother of twins and jokes that her children have enabled her to develop a work ethic that allows her to work twice as hard for her customers. Known by her clients as the Princess of Print, she treats her customers like Royalty and has been known to occasionally arrive at work wearing a tiara.

  • Jim Ceely
    Jim Ceely

    Account Executive

    Jim grew up in Ann Arbor and has an Engineering degree from U of M. His parents started Parkman Printing in 1973, and he was running presses by age 14. Jim purchased the company from his parents in 1991, and merged with Print-Tech in 2001. With more than 30 years of sales and production experience, Jim remembers when there were no computers in printing, and owning a pager meant that you were high-tech.

  • Leigh Prince
    Leigh Prince

    Account Executive

    With a BBA in Marketing and ad agency experience, Leigh provides a unique and strategic advantage for her clients. She is known for asking all the right questions and her attention to detail. She is also known for being giggly and silly (especially on Fridays). If she’s not at the office thinking outside-the-box for her clients, you can find her shredding some trails on her mountain bike or doing just about anything that involves being outdoors.

  • Teresa Adams
    Teresa Adams


    Teresa has worked in the printing industry for 32 years… 30 of those at Print-Tech. She holds the official record for length of service here. She began as a typesetter (when that was a thing) and now handles all things financial, which is much more her speed. Away from the office she enjoys camping and spending time with family and friends.

  • Joe Adcock
    Joe Adcock


    A seasoned veteran, Joe has nearly 30 years of experience as a prepress technician and has witnessed first-hand the evolution from darkrooms and film to desktop file preparation. He has prepped files for nearly every form of offset and digital press, and takes great pride in continuing to expand his industry -specific skillset and knowledge. When Joe is not massaging files for print, you will most likely find him on one of the many wonderful golf courses the great state of Michigan has offer.

  • Steve Benedict
    Steve Benedict


    Beginning in 1990, Steve worked for 16 years in the book and journal printing segment of the industry. He joined Print-Tech in 2006 and has been continually honing his digital repertoire ever since. Steve is an accomplished graphic designer and a highly skilled file technician, and he eagerly takes on new assignments in the spirit of expanding his capabilities and knowledge. He enjoys living in the country with his wife and teenage daughter and has not yet succumbed to the pressure of getting livestock. Steve is also an amateur blacksmith and has plans to build his own blacksmith shop in the near future.

  • Cliff Francoeur
    Cliff Francoeur


    Cliff has worked in various parts of the printing industry for over 20 years. Initially starting in traditional prepress he has been focused on technology and workflow for both offset and digital printing. This has led to learning software development and beta testing for major industry software and hardware suppliers and manufacturers.
    Originally from Michigan he moved to New England for several years before moving back to be closer to family. While living in New England he became interested in nature photography as a hobby. He has had several photos published in travel guides, news media, trade magazines as well as providing prints for auction for charity fundraising.

  • Ron Kramer
    Ron Kramer

    Offset Production Manager

    At around age 10 Ron discovered the relationship between working and having spending money. This revelation early in life led him to the industry as he began helping his father at the print shop on evenings and weekends. He joined the Print-Tech team more than 25 years ago and is known internally as the Shell Answer Man. When not juggling his daily production responsibilities, his wife and two daughters keep him busy and fulfilled at home.

  • Brad Steven
    Brad Steven

    IT/ Digital Production Manager

    Brad has been in the printing and mailing industry since 1994. After graduating from U of M, he determined that staring at code all day wasn’t his calling, and he embarked on a career in print. He plays a key role in monitoring our digital presses, mailing services, and wide format printing. Away from work Brad can be found underwater somewhere instructing new scuba divers, or exploring the deep shipwrecks of the Great Lakes.

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