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Eco-Friendly Printing

At Print-Tech, Inc., we strive to reduce our energy consumption, pollution and waste by establishing efficient and green business practices. Making informed decisions on sustainable materials and processes, allows Print-Tech, Inc., and our customers, to minimize the impact on our environment.

100% of the electricity we use is offset by renewable energy credits, and we are a Partner in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "EPA Green Power Partnership”. Print-Tech, Inc. is a member of Washtenaw County’s Waste Knot Program and was a charter member of the Great Lakes Printing Project.

Our commitment toward sustainable printing doesn't end with our earth friendly chemicals, and our large selection of FSC Certified & recycled papers. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint in everything we do.  Our commitment to the environment is embodied in three core principles: Product, Process and Plant.

            Product - Job Design, input materials and use of the finished job are considered for minimal impact to the environment

            Process - Choosing the manufacturing process that allows the most efficient use of manufacturing resources — Digital, Offset or Wide Format Ink Jet

            Plant - Continually, upgrading our facility for energy efficiency, and waste minimization.

Eco- Friendly Printing Practices

  •  Offer a large selection of recycled content paper (encouraging recycled paper printing)

  •  Offer FSC Certified paper and 100% Post-Consumer Waste paper

  •  Use of Low Volatile Organic Compounds & Vegetable Based Inks (reduces damage to the ozone)

  •  100% Computer-to-Plate Plates (eliminates the photographic process and its waste stream)

  •  All spent solvent, inks and oils are recycled

  •  All cardboard, paper, printing plates, pallets, packing material and toner cartridges are recycled

  •  Press solutions are alcohol free

  •  PDF proofs are used when applicable (reduces paper usage for hard copies)

  •  Printing digitally whenever possible, which saves paper and natural resources

  •  Providing in-house finishing, distribution, and mailing services, which saves natural resources by avoiding unnecessary transport from our warehouse to a secondary vendor

Eco- Friendly Business Practices

  •  100% of the electricity we use is offset by renewable energy credits

  •  Partner in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "EPA Green Power Partnership"

  •  All facility lighting has been upgraded to the new energy efficient florescent bulbs, saving about 50% of our lighting energy use.

  •  Recycling and reusing paper and other office supplies

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