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Meet John Whitaker, Print-Tech's Bindery Supervisor

From time to time we'll be featuring a Print-Tech employee in our newsletter, because part of what sets us apart is our people. Some interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our whole team and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

In this issue, meet John Whitaker 
  • What's your role at Print-Tech and how long have you been there?  I'm the Bindery Supervisor, and I've worked at Print-Tech for 11 ½ years.
  • Tell us a bit about your background. Have you always worked in printing? I started doing bindery work while I was in high school, through a co-op program with a printer in Jackson. They hired me full time after I graduated. After 2 years there, I went to work for a book printer, but about 5 years later, I returned to the printer who originally hired me and worked my way up to Bindery Supervisor. Twenty years later, I found myself at Print-Tech.
  • What exactly does a Bindery Supervisor do - and what does a typical day look like for you? I plan the work schedule for the bindery employees (1st and 2nd shift). I work on jobs myself and also train and assist others. I oversee the bindery schedules and the quality of the finished products.
  • How do you interact with other Print-Tech personnel, like sales and service reps? I feel that our communication with the sales and service staff is very good. Being able to ask or answer questions about any facet of the job is important in producing a quality product.
  • Do you interact directly with customers? If so, in what ways? I do occasionally interact with customers, mostly answering questions or demonstrating our equipment during facility tours.
  • What's the most satisfying part of your role?I really like doing jobs that are out of the ordinary - not like jobs we typically do every day. These are the ones that challenge me the most and make me think, "How are we going to accomplish this?" Then, getting the job done. That's the most satisfying. 
  • How has your role changed since you've been at Print-Tech? I think my role here has changed greatly. I started as a 2nd shift bindery person, and in just over a year, I became the Bindery Supervisor of both 1st and 2nd shifts. Now, I give my input on jobs before they're produced to prevent problems that might occur.
  • What's one thing that customers would be surprised to learn about the role of Bindery Supervisor? I think it's that this role is not just about scheduling work for the employees but also doing the work itself. It's a hands-on role. 
  • Outside of work, what sorts of activities or hobbies are you passionate about? In other words, where might we find you on the weekends?   The most important thing in my life is my family. Most of my free time is spent watching my grand-kids at sporting events or in school activities...or just holding the youngest one!
  • What's your favorite thing about working at Print-Tech? I really like the way Print-Tech runs - like the open-door policy with the company's owners, and being able to have conversations about jobs or anything, really. I also like the great communication among the customer service, sales, and other departments.
  • Why do you think customers love working with Print-Tech? I think our customers feel that they can trust Print-Tech to produce jobs as if they were their own. We're that proud of what we produce.
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