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What's the Big Deal with Print-Tech's Digital Bindery?

Digital printing offers you major benefits, including smaller print quantities, personalization, and faster turn times with no loss in quality over offset printing. That's a win-win-win-win.
Yet there are challenges with digital printing that sometimes come at the
end of the process - in the bindery. The printing itself might be perfect, but if minor imperfections occur during the finishing, that digital print job can go from great to just "good enough." 
At Print-Tech, we're never satisfied with "good enough." We take the perfect finishing of every digital job seriously. Here are two particular digital finishing issues that you won't have to worry about when you send your work to us: 

Toner Issues

The chemistry is different for digital jobs as opposed to offset jobs. In toner-based products, the toner sits on top of the paper. It's not absorbed into the paper like offset ink. This is a challenge because the toner tends to flake off and crack.

At Print-Tech, we use die scores instead of wheel scores when folding a digital job. With a die score, you're literally smashing the toner into the paper instead of running a wheel across it. We make sure you get a score that can fold cleanly, without cracking. It's the best quality possible

Another problem stemming from toner can happen when you're cutting jobs down to size. For example, imagine your job has full ink coverage on one side only. If you cut the sheets of cards with the full-coverage side down, you'll have flaked-off edges of ink on that side. We prevent this by always using a freshly sharpened cutter knife, and by cutting the full-coverage side first - ending up with clean edge every time.

Layout Adjustments

Layout is a lot different for digital jobs. Take registration. Perfect registration is easier to achieve on offset jobs, where you have grippers and other guide marks on the presses. With a digital job, the layout has to accommodate this functionality. You need a little play in hairline borders, for example. All of Print-Tech's digital jobs go through the same pre-flighting and format adjustments during prepress as our offset jobs, ensuring that even if your file is not perfect coming into prepress, it will be perfect before it's printed

So what's the secret to ensuring perfect finishing techniques on digital jobs? It's a combination of experience, knowledge, and the fact that here at Print-Tech we want to produce a top-quality job no matter how it's printed. Our finishing equipment helps us do it better so we can mitigate any issues that can occur when printing and finishing digital jobs. 

With our three newly installed state-of-the-art digital presses, we're able to offer digital imaging that is extremely close to an offset printed piece. In fact, sometimes we find it difficult to tell whether a job is printed offset or digitally. Of course, that's what we want for our customers: a full range of production options that never sacrifice quality regardless of how a job is printed.
At Print-Tech, you'll get the highest level of
expertise available anywhere!

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