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Isn't it frustrating when you send out a direct mail campaign but have no idea when it hits mailboxes? If so, you'll love Print-Tech's mail-tracking feature. And for a limited time, we're offering it to our customers FREE OF CHARGE. 
A lot of people still believe that you can't track mail delivery, but that's a myth. With our tech-mail + technology, you now have the predictability to know when your mail is expected to reach mailboxes. 
Think of how this information can improve how you conduct your business:
  • It helps you plan your call center staffing.
  • It helps you plan your online leads.
  • It helps you plan all of your follow-up activity.
The way it works is simple! We give you secure login credentials to tech-mail + This is a powerful technology available to Print-Tech customers who want to infuse their direct mail campaigns with sophisticated "mail intelligence." It provides you with accurate data about when your campaign reaches mailboxes, and it's available to you online 24/7.
You'll have a custom-built dashboard that you can view when your mail is confirmed delivered. It also shows you what percentage of your mail has already arrived, which prepares you for new calls and online leads.
This capability is especially valuable when a mail campaign has an important date attached to it, like an upcoming event or a deadline for registration. Having this predictability helps you gauge attendance and guides your follow-up mailing, emails, and phone calls.
We know how valuable mail tracking is, which is why we're offering it to you free of charge for a limited time only. Tech-mail + offers a lot of functionality in addition to mail tracking. Get in touch with your Print-Tech representative today to take advantage of this complimentary offering and to set up your own mail-tracking dashboard.

New Postal Rates in 2018

Speaking of mail, are you aware of the new postal rates? As of January 21, 2018, the USPS put new rates into effect for different types of mail.
Rate increases for First-Class Mail® are pretty small, and in some categories, there are no increases at all. Here are some of the key rate changes:
  • First-class Mail letter rate is now $0.50, up from $0.49. This also applies to Forever Stamps that you buy after January 21st, but go ahead and use the ones that you already own at no extra charge.
  • First-class Mail flat rate is now $1.00, up from $0.98.
  • First-class Mail postcard rate is now $0.35, up from $0.34.
  • Both Standard Mail Automation rates and Non-Profit Automation rates (letters and flats) have increased slightly - in most cases, by just a fraction of a penny.
If you want more information on 2018 rates, contact your Print-Tech representative or visit USPS.
Bottom line?

Here at Print-Tech we have comprehensive mailing expertise and can help you develop direct mail campaigns that are trackable, effective, and within your budget. Both of our mailing experts have been certified by the leading association that develops mailing standards and best practices. We can advise you on designing your mail campaign, integrating databases for personalized mail, choosing the right mail permits, and optimum timing.

Mail regulations can be confusing, and it's our responsibility to make sure your campaigns are done seamlessly.

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