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Want to add a little "social marketing magic" to your next direct mail campaign? It's 
Thanks to new functionality in Print-Tech's Tech-Mail+, called "Social Match," you can now incorporate social media ads with your direct mail campaign. This puts you in front of your audience in their social media feeds even before your mail hits their mailbox.
Tech-Mail+ has already made your direct mail campaigns more powerful than ever. This software supercharges each mail campaign with unique tracking technology that expands your reach
across the Internet.

Here's how Tech-Mail+ works.


It tells you when your mail will be delivered and confirms when it has been delivered. You'll be prepared for new calls and online leads. Plus, it guides your follow-up calls and emails.

✔ Call Tracking

A free unique phone number that's generated for your mail campaign is printed on each piece. When prospects call in, sales reps and call center reps know instantly that these calls are a direct result of your mailing. Calls are recorded, so you can gauge how your reps handle their calls as well as further calculate your ROI.
✔ Online Follow-Up

A snippet of code is added to your web site, so when a prospect visits your site after getting your mail piece but leaves without taking any action, ads that visually match your mail campaign automatically pop up on hundreds of sites across the Internet when that person visits. Your brand's message is thus reinforced online, over and over.
✔ NEW! Social Match 

With your mailing list in hand, we can pre-match it to identify active social media users. Even before your mail campaign goes out, we can show preemptive social media ads to these prospects in their social feeds. On average,
Tech-Mail+ can match 40% - 60% of all mailing lists.

Direct mail + social media are a match made in marketing heaven. With the new Social Match functionality in Tech-Mail+, you can extend the life of your mail campaign and reach prospects in their social feeds - where they can share and "like" your ads with one easy click, thereby increasing your exposure across the Internet.

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