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Meet Brent Shields
Print-Tech's 1st Shift 5-Color Press Operator
From time to time we feature a Print-Tech employee in our newsletter, because our people help set us apart. Some interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our team at Print-Tech and hope you enjoy getting to know them.
In this issue, meet  Brent Shields. 
1. What's your role at Print-Tech and how long have you been there?  I have been the 1st shift press operator for 13 years.
2. Tell us a bit about your background. Have you always worked in the printing industry?
I was introduced to printing in the 7th grade at Clague Middle School. We had a small graphics lab that included an offset press and silkscreen equipment.
I was hooked! My high school had an advanced printing program, and luckily I had an outstanding teacher who directed me through the co-operative education program.
After high school I attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I've been printing in the Ann Arbor area since the early 80's.
3. What exactly does a 5-color press operator do - and what does a typical day look like for you?  It is my responsibility to maintain and adjust the press to produce a wide variety of printing jobs - including short runs, long runs, full and spot color. My primary goal is doing so with the highest possible quality.
4. How do you interact with other Print-Tech personnel, like sales and service reps?  My interactions with other departments and people at Print-Tech range from discussions of job configurations for efficiency, scheduling and print quality.

5. Do you interact directly with customers? If so, in what ways?

The time I get to spend with customers is usually for press checks, which is the last opportunity for them to confirm that all the content and the job's color are both exactly as expected as the job is running.


6. What's the most satisfying part of your job at Print-Tech?  Honestly? I really enjoy the moment a customer says, "Beautiful! Run it!"


7. How has your role changed since you've been at Print-Tech?

Technology has changed quite a bit over the years. For example, the way we measure and control color with G7 is especially advanced.
Printing is as much an art as it is a science. You can measure color and hue and do all that's technically necessary to print the "perfect dot," but color has an emotional element that is different for every individual. It's subjective. When I meet customers for press checks, I listen very carefully.


8. What's one thing that customers would be surprised to learn about the role of a press operator?  In a way, it's my job to learn each customer's unique expectations and to remember them for the next time.


9. Outside of work, what sorts of activities or hobbies are you passionate about? Where might we find you on the weekends?  When I'm not at work, chances are I'm outside. I'm usually working around the house or    kayaking, fishing, snowmobiling...seriously, anything outside!


By the way, my BFF is 160 lb. Newfoundland.


10. What's your favorite thing about working at Print-Tech?  I love my job at Print-Tech! The folks that own the place, the folks that work here, are all friendly, smart and creative. We work well together!


11. Why do you think customers love working with Print-Tech?  All of us at 

Print-Tech want the customer to be completely satisfied in every aspect of working with us. And we prove it!  

At Print-Tech, you'll get the highest level of
expertise available anywhere!

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