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Why Buying Local Makes Sense

The ability we now have to buy products and services from anywhere in the world is kind of awesome, isn't it? Yet it's still smart to buy local for valid reasons.

Regardless of what you're buying - printing included - here are
7 good reasons to keep your business in your home state.

1. Buying local boosts local economy.

Global or national manufacturers have no incentive to reinvest in your community. If they're not located where you live and work, profits they make from your purchases don't serve your area. Local independent businesses

 tend to reinvest locally. The money you spend locally helps keep money in 
your community.

2. Buying local is greener and can save you money. Products manufactured and shipped locally means you pay less for shipping. Less fuel means it's greener for the environment. Shorter delivery routes mean less traffic on local roads, reducing fuel emission. And if your goods don't have to travel across the country or through multiple states, there's a reduction in the amount of packaging required - meaning less waste.


3. Buying local fosters relationships.

You can develop relationships with local vendors, restaurant staff, and manufacturers like printers. Strong relationships mean that businesses care more about serving you well and delivering quality products.

4. Buying local lets you keep an eye on quality.

With a local manufacturer, such as a printer, you can visit the facility to see your job before it's on press (for a press OK) and while it's running. This gives you more control over your products - something you can't get when buying a product remotely.

5. Buying local brings comfort.

Developing relationships with a local service provider eliminates the stress and worry that can accompany a product purchase. You can meet with a local salesperson and visit the plant as needed, which helps you feel more in control.

6. Buying local provides jobs in the community.

Small local businesses employ more people on a national level. According to a study done by the Center for Community and Economic Development at Michigan State University, "Buying local means that employment levels are more likely to be stable, and may even create more opportunities for local residents to work in the community."

7. Buying local supports local charities.

Local businesses support local causes. A study by the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index noted "90% of small businesses support local charitable organizations and nonprofits."
We believe in supporting our community! Print-Tech has long been a supporter of local nonprofits, and we look forward to serving southeast Michigan for many years to come.
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