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The Benefits of Setting Up a Web Portal
No doubt your organization has a web site...
but what about a web portal?
Web sites and web portals are not the same. Anyone with Internet access can get to a website's content, but the content on a web portal is restricted to specific users. Login is required for a portal, not for a website. You decide who has access. Plus, there's interactive functionality: a portal offers transactional services that would otherwise require numerous phone calls.
At Print-Tech, we excel at building web portals for our customers. They house a variety of print products that are generally ordered over and over again by customers. Like business cards, sell sheets, and welcome kits. Customers place orders online via their portal, and we fulfill them.
Here are the key benefits to a web portal:
1. Provides 24/7 self-service. Regardless of the time of day or the time zone, employees can access your portal to order materials at their convenience.

2. Streamlines the ordering process. We can upload a variety of your organization's most-used print materials to your portal - flyers, stationery, business cards, welcome kits, forms, etc. Those with access can view them and place their orders via the portal. It's easy and secure.


3. Provides control over who can order materials.

A portal's login functionality restricts access to individuals who have your approval. You control who's allowed to order products on the portal, and which products they have access to. It's a huge benefit if you have off-site sales personnel or other representatives (like recruiters).

4. Simplifies production of materials. In large organizations like schools and colleges, lots of people regularly need items like flyers, business cards, and other stationery products. Rather than funnel all of the order processing through one unit, you can allow more people to order their materials via the portal.

5. Makes reordering simpler. Individuals don't have to wait for a centralized purchasing office when they want to reorder. Portals make this function easy. It's a real time saver!

6. Helps track inventory. The portal provides a tracking history for every product. You can see this history 24/7.

7. Prevents design standards from slipping. Maintaining a consistent corporate image is key. A portal helps ensure your materials remain consistent (think photos, corporate colors, email addresses, legal verbiage), since only approved materials are available. This safeguards against "mavericks" choosing their own graphics or changing the corporate style for things like business cards.

8. Creates an online library of your materials. People who have portal access can see - at a glance - all the materials available to them. It's a massive time saver. It precludes them from having to contact designers or corporate communications staff to determine what products are current and to request a copy or PDF. Images of products reside on your portal.

9. Costs your organization $0! Print-Tech can build your web portal relatively quickly, and there is no charge to you. It's a service we've perfected in recent years, and we're excited to tell you more about it!
Bottom line? A portal is a terrific productivity tool that's worth taking a look at. It will streamline many purchasing transactions for your organization, and it provides a convenience your employees will welcome.
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