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Boost Your Marketing with USPS® Informed Delivery®
Are you one of the 14 million consumers using Informed Delivery?
This mail preview service lets you digitally preview incoming daily mail
and packages.
If you're not signed up, search "USPS Informed Delivery" for details and to create your account. You'll start receiving daily email notifications on your smartphone, computer or tablet. It includes gray-scale images of scanned mail that's due to reach your mailbox that day. There's even a phone app for Informed Delivery, which shows you a few days' worth of your delivered mail.
As a consumer, this free service is helpful, especially if you're expecting things like checks, invoices, event tickets, or tax documents. You can also track packages, add delivery instructions, or schedule a redelivery for a package.
And as a business owner, Informed Delivery offers your B2C marketing campaigns a dramatic boost.
Here's why.
Business mailers can have full-color images of their direct mail pieces included in consumers' Informed Delivery preview. And they're clickable.
The USPS calls them "Ride-Along Images." They accompany the gray-scale scanned image of your mail piece and are linked to a targeted web page. Consumers can click on a full-color "Learn More" button to access your landing page for that campaign - right from the preview in the email.
This turns your direct mail piece into an integrated marketing campaign , uniting a physical mail piece with a digital, full-color component. So recipients can access your marketing campaign multiple times: first, in the Informed Delivery email, where they can click through to a site page, and then again when the physical mail piece reaches their mailbox.
Imagine sending a direct mail letter to solicit donations for your nonprofit agency. With USPS Informed Delivery, you can encourage instant donations with a clickable link, before recipients receive the actual letter. Similarly, businesses that mail newsletters can give subscribers an opportunity to read the newsletter content early, by using a link in the Ride-Along image. This is a welcome benefit to recipients who are away from home.
These marketing boosts are powerful!
  • You can digitally reach people on your mailing list.
  • Your single mail piece generates multiple impressions.
  • You can encourage faster responses from your mailing list by using hyperlinked Ride-Along images.
  • You can receive some data reporting from the USPS on the click-through rates.
  • Surrounded by gray-scale scanned content, your full-color images will jump off the screen, drawing immediate attention and highlighting your brand.
The USPS has a few technical requirements about image size and about preparing and sending this artwork, but here at Print-Tech we can take care of image preparation and send it directly to the USPS for you.
Business mailers, are you ready to reach-out-and-touch your mailing list with a digital as well as physical mail piece component? Consider USPS Informed Delivery. It's affordable. It helps promote your brand in full-color. And it creates an integrated multichannel campaign with little effort.

Contact your Print-Tech representative
today to find out more!

PS: Later this year, there will be a 3-month postal promotion for business mailers using Informed Delivery on qualifying campaigns, whereby you can get a 2% postal discount.

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