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Find Out Who Visits Your Website After Your Mail Campaign
When your direct mail campaign goes out, do you know how many people on your mailing list actually visit your website as a result? You don't.
Until now.

Say hello to LEADMatch, a brand-new feature in our tech-mail plus program. Now, when you participate in tech-mail plus, you can add-on this powerful service that measures the effectiveness of your campaign - and more.
LEADMatch is an advanced measurement solution that lets you capture an enormous amount of data from a direct mail campaign. It shows you 1) who visits your website as a result of the campaign, 2) what actions they take while on your site, and 3) a list of unique site visitors who aren't even on your mailing list.
Here's how it works.
A snippet of code is added to your website, enabling data collection as well 
as delivery of postal addresses. This code captures visitor activity on your site in ways not possible until now.
LEADMatch tracks the specific activity of each visitor, both from your mailing list as well as unique visitors. Post-campaign, we'll generate a mailing list with these site visitors for your follow-up activity. You'll have detailed information on what web pages they visited and whether or not they took action, so you can follow-up.
Hot Leads at Your Fingertips for Pennies
This new functionality gives you a huge advantage: hot leads, complete with mailing addresses, of people who've visited your site - all for about $.48 per record. Compare this with the typical customer acquisition cost of about $100 - $150 per customer. With this data, you're in an excellent position to mail to this list of hot leads, sending them targeted information about your products and services, based on their activity on your website.
USPS® Informed Delivery® Now Part of tech-mail plus!
Last month we discussed how Informed Delivery helps business owners boost B2C marketing campaigns using full-color "Ride-Along Images." Now this program is included in tech-mail plus, so when you participate, you can take advantage of Informed Delivery - at no additional charge!

The Power of Tech-mail plus
With the addition of LEADMatch and Informed Delivery, Tech-mail plus is more powerful than ever. This technology supercharges your direct mail campaigns with incredible tracking capabilities:
  • Mail Pieces Tracked: Your mail campaign is coded and sent to your targeted list. You can track your mailing and see when each piece hits the mailbox.
  • Automatic Online Follow-up: When a prospect on your mailing list visits your site but doesn't take the desired action, ads that visually match your mail campaign automatically pop-up on hundreds of sites that person visits. This re-marketing feature reminds them again and again of your offer.
  • Phone Call Tracking: A unique phone number is generated for your direct mail campaign for prospects to use. Calls to this number are recorded, enabling you to track responses as well as gauge how your sales team is handling calls.
Tech-mail plus marries the tactile and visual power of direct mail with the dynamism of the internet. Business mailers see valuable results: you reap important data about your prospects as well as targeted hot leads you otherwise wouldn't know about.
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