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Hillary Bennett - Account Executive



1.  Please describe your background (degree, field of training, related experience).

150 years ago, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Advertising and Marketing from Arizona State University. I remained in Arizona for my first job after graduation was selling ad space in the Tempe Arizona Travel magazine. The beautiful, hot and sunny weather became too boring for me, and so I moved back home to Michigan, where you never know what the weather will be from day to day. This is when I began my career in print sales. My first job in the print business was being my dad's assistant, and within a year I became a print sales rep.....and here I am, 30 years later still peddling printing. LOL

2.  What is your role now and how has it changed since you hired in?

I was hired in as a sales rep and have since been promoted to princess of print.

3.  What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Surpassing my client's expectations.

4.  Outside of work, what activities or hobbies are you passionate about?  In other words, where might we find you on the weekends?

I love to go treasure hunting! My favorite finds.... surprise....printed materials. With my preference being printed and die cut valentines cards, along with postcards that come with hand written notes and postmarks. I have postmarks from the early 1900's - 1960's, with some cards being over 100 years old!!! If you're interested in seeing my collection, just let me know.

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