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Kara Carter - Delivery / Community Ambassador



1.  Please describe your background (degree, field of training, related experience).

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Sports Management and Communications from the University of Michigan.  After that, I went on to complete a certificate in Broadcasting and spent some time working in radio production.  Most of my professional experience, however, has been in event planning and production.  

2.  What is your role now and how has it changed since you hired in?

I am a relatively new addition to the team, so my role has been consistent so far.  As the delivery person, I like to think I am taking the Print-Tech reputation for excellent service to the streets!

3.  What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I love getting out and engaging with the community.  The Ann Arbor area is such a dynamic place, full of interesting people.  I can honestly say that every day at work, I both meet someone new and get to connect with someone I already know.  I have a great appreciation for the strong network of local businesses and non-profits that support one another here and am reminded of that every time I run into a customer who is a former co-worker, co-volunteer or client of mine..

4.  Outside of work, what activities or hobbies are you passionate about?  In other words, where might we find you on the weekends?

Usually, you'll find me outdoors somewhere - on the Huron River with my paddleboard or walking with my dog, Josie.  I have a passion for food and travel and spend many of the warmer months on a patio somewhere with a craft beer and some tapas.  When the Michigan winter rolls in, I enjoy cozy time reading or Netflix binge-watching.  Live music is one of my favorite things and I try to go to as many types of shows as I can.  My daughter is a music major so I am very partial to her performances.

5. What was your first car?

My first car was a teal 1995 Ford Escort. I purchased it with my high school graduation money and it was a stick so I didn’t even know how to drive it yet. My dad drove it home and taught me how to drive it (there may have been some tears involved).  I’ve been a manual transmission enthusiast ever since! 

6. Childhood Celebrity Crush

Childhood crush was Patrick Swayze. I don’t remember where it came from, but I had a life-sized poster in my room and knew the Dirty Dancing soundtrack by heart. 

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