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Teresa Adams - Accounting



1.  Please describe your background (degree, field of training, related experience).

I attended Washtenaw Community College and Cleary College (way back before it was Cleary University ) taking accounting and general business courses. My first “real” job was at First Impression Printing as the receptionist where I handled payroll, receivables and payables.

2.  What is your role now and how has it changed since you hired in?

When I began at Print-Tech I started out in prepress doing typesetting and layout using a Compugraphic Editwriter phototypesetting machine. Eventually an office position opened up and I transitioned into that position as it was much more along my line of knowledge. When I began in the office position, customer history was a handwritten log of every project, fax machines were the latest “exciting” piece of office equipment, invoices were mailed to clients and we handwrote checks for payments to vendors and for payroll. Now everything is electronic – invoices are emailed, checks are printed, and fax machines are rarely used. The time saved now vs. when I started this position is crazy!

3.  What is the most satisfying part of your job?

I enjoy when clients come in and are so excited to see their finished project after seeing it on the computer screen, then a proof and finally the completed piece. I also think I have a great group of co-workers and enjoy working with all of them.

4.  Outside of work, what activities or hobbies are you passionate about?  In other words, where might we find you on the weekends?

I love spending time with family and friends! If there are fairs / festivals in neighboring towns we enjoy checking those out and a quick trip to a casino wouldn’t be out of the question.  

5. What was your first car?

I had a red Ford Mustang. It wasn't anything special, I don't even remember what year it was, around 1970ish, but I bought it with my own money and it was awesome! I drove it ‘til it died. One day I drove it to school and myself and three friends went to the mall at lunch (even though we weren't supposed to leave the school campus ) and we had to push it out of our parking spot because the transmission wouldn't go in reverse. I think that was the beginning of the end of that car.

6. Childhood celebrity crush?

Donny Osmond - I had an Osmond's lunchbox, a Donny Osmond puzzle, I bought Tiger Beat magazine if Donny was in it, I watched every Donny and Marie show on TV including The Osmonds cartoons that were on every Saturday morning. I always wanted to go to the Michigan State Fair when the Osmonds were going to be there but I never made it. Ironically, now as an adult one of my BFF's is a huge Donny fan (he knows her by name) so I've seen him in Las Vegas several times with her. He's still good

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