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No doubt your organization has a web site... but what about a web portal?

Paper choice always matters in a print job.
For one thing, it can represent a significant portion of the cost of an average print job. For another, paper has to suit your purpose. Is the paper weight appropriate? Will ink show through to the other side? Will it be OK going through the mail? Paper also affects the design, so you need to choose carefully.

The ability we now have to buy products and services from anywhere in the world is kind of awesome, isn't it? Yet it's still smart to buy local for valid reasons.

Regardless of what you're buying - printing included - here are 7 good reasons to keep your business in your home state.

From time to time we feature a Print-Tech employee in our newsletter, because our people help set us apart. Some interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our team at Print-Tech and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Want to add a little "social marketing magic" to your next direct mail campaign? It's easy!

If your direct mail message is tucked away inside an envelope, your first goal should be getting that envelope opened.

Isn't it frustrating when you send out a direct mail campaign but have no idea when it hits mailboxes? If so, you'll love Print-Tech's mail-tracking feature. And for a limited time, we're offering it to our customers FREE OF CHARGE.

The phrase "going green" has become ingrained in our communal psyche. Some say its roots date back to Thoreau in the mid-nineteenth century, or perhaps to Rachel Carson's 1962 breakthrough book,
Silent Spring.

Occasionally we feature an employee in our newsletter because part of what sets us apart is our people. Some employees interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our whole team and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Getting files ready to send to your printer is an important step. Regardless of the software programs used to create your artwork, there are some universal tips that can help ensure your files are prepared correctly for a commercial printer. In this issue, we cover 3 of the most common mistakes with digital file preparation and how to avoid them.

Our last newsletter covered key color basics - the three distinct color spaces of PMS colors, CMYK, and RGB. With that knowledge under your belt, you can now take advantage of some of our favorite color tips on how to avoid printing mistakes and get the color you expect.

You can't talk about printing without talking about color.

Yet color terminology is confusing, because customers use computer monitors to create and view job files, while printers use offset and digital presses to produce those jobs. Computers and presses use different colorspaces. They literally speak a different language.

Digital printing offers you major benefits, including smaller print quantities, personalization, and faster turn times with no loss in quality over offset printing. That's a win-win-win-win.

From time to time we'll be featuring a Print-Tech employee in our newsletter, because part of what sets us apart is our people. Some interact directly with customers, while others do not. Regardless, we're proud of our whole team and hope you enjoy getting to know them.

Growth in the printing industry is not just about adding equipment. It's as much about investing in specific equipment that brings better results for customers.

As the calendar was about to turn from 2016 to 2017, we did just that: in mid-December, Print-Tech installed 3 new Canon color presses that offer you multiple benefits and new capabilities.

In an age when print and digital communications change so rapidly, commercial printers can't afford to sit still.
We certainly don't.

Print-Tech Inc. is committed to improving our services and increasing our capabilities so our customers continue to get the best our industry has to offer. That being said, we want to share with you our major improvements in 2016, plus a look at what we're planning for 2017.

If you look at a digital press and an offset press side-by-side, you'll see a difference right away. Offset equipment is recognizable as a traditional printing press. Digital presses look more like very large copiers. It makes sense: they print from digital files. There are no printing plates and no rubber blankets with digital, as there are with offset. Offset presses use ink. Digital presses use either toner or liquid ink. The technology is totally different.
What really matter to customers are the benefits and characteristics of digital printing.


When you hear printers talk about offset or digital printing, you may not be 100% sure what the difference is - or why you should care. So we're going to touch on what's important to customers when they consider these printing options. In this issue we'll cover offset printing, and next month we'll cover digital printing.

Direct mail works.

The statistics are pretty compelling. It is the most preferred form of marketing, according to research done by MarketingSherpa. Roughly 98% of people bring in their mail the day it's delivered, and 77% sort through it immediately. Last year alone, the USPS processed over 154 billion pieces of mail.

Some print companies claim to be eco-friendly when all they offer is some recycled paper.

MAKING A BIG IMPACT sometimes calls for big printing applications - and in this business, we call it wide-format printing, also known as large-format printing

As effective as direct mail is, we can make it better. Print-Tech has invested in a new technology that makes direct mail more powerful by integrating it with call tracking, mail tracking, and online ads.

Maybe you've seen the silver G7 seal on every offset proof we've ever sent you, as well as on our web site, and wondered what it's all about. Well, we decided that it's high time we told you.

The phrase "one stop shopping" may sound a little corny, but we think it packs a lot of value in three little words.

Earlier this year we made a commitment to improve communications with our customers. So consider this newsletter the springboard of our "keeping-in-touch" initiative. (That's the good news.)

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